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This one-hour class is an introduction to one of the most current and comprehensive models of energy healing. Experience the basic energy exercise routine that is the foundation of energy strengthening and balancing. Learn these easy and fun methods that boost vitality, improve immune system, clear thinking, improve concentration and reduce stress.

Class Objectives:

Gain knowledge of the human energy matrix
Expand awareness of Eden Energy Medicine (EEM) as a wellness model
Perform EEM’s 5 Minute Daily Routine

1Hour $25
Instructors: Jane Lehr Eckert and Maureen Paulson


The program is a 6-hour comprehensive overview of Eden Energy Medicine guided by the ENERGY MEDICINE KIT designed by Donna Eden. The kit includes 43 illustrated cards along with an instructional CD and DVD. Over 30 techniques and restorative exercises are described. The entire kit will be reviewed and practiced which will increase the probability of learning the exercises and incorporating the skills into a daily wellness plan.

6 Hours $125
Instructors: e-Team


The class is based on 5000-year-old Chinese Medicine and the art of acupuncture. Meridians are 14 energy pathways that carry the life force energy into, through and out of the body. Their flow is as critical as the flow of blood; your life and health depend on both. Learn how the meridians affect every organ and organ system in the human physiology. Get acquainted with the 24-hour biological fluctuations of this energy transportation system called the Meridian Flow Wheel. Learn techniques to balance and harmonize your meridians. Gain knowledge about how the meridians can be used to eliminate jet lag, assist in weight control and promote wellness.

Class Objectives:
Learn 14 meridians
Gain knowledge and use of the Meridian Flow Wheel
Learn to trace meridians for energy balance
Learn 3 additional methods utilizing the meridians for health and healing

2 hours $75
Instructors: Jane Lehr Eckert and Maureen Paulson

We suggest that the EDEN ENERGY MEDICINE: SKILLS FOR HEALTH, HEALING AND WHOLENESS and MERIDIAN MAGIC be considered as prerequisites for all other energy classes.


Learn the approach formulated in Traditional Chinese Medicine of the 5 Elements or phases which can be identified in the seasons and cycles of nature, in human physical and personality attributes, in the qualities of music, history and in relationships. Gain knowledge and understanding of how the primary aspects of water, wood, fire, earth and metal can both describe and determine the energetic balance or imbalance of every aspect of life. Discover which of the Phases are most prominent in your life and learn the simple exercises to achieve balance and harmony. MERIDIAN MAGIC is a helpful prerequisite.

Class Objectives:
Identify the 2 Phases that most closely represent you
Learn the aspects of each of the 5 Elements
Assess symptoms and behaviors which indicate imbalance
Practice the exercises which bring balance and harmony

4 Hours $75
Instructors: e-Team


Chakras are the swirling energetic data centers that encode our life story. Each chakra regulates a distinct dimension of our personality and affects the organs in its field. When chakras are blocked it can cause disturbances in the individual’s life path. Releasing these blocks can boost the energy system, enhance the life force and facilitate the ability to transform and achieve higher consciousness.

Our small group will delve into the chakras, become familiar with their individual and collective tasks and develop an understanding of how they aid our quest for health and wholeness. Participants will learn the energetic method of testing and clearing the chakras with a friend or loved one. Share this loving gift to support each other to be your energetic best.

Class Objectives:
Gain knowledge of the history and tradition of the seven major chakras
Increase awareness of the chakras as an energy system
Demonstrate the ability to test, clear and balance the chakras
Experience the power of chakra balancing

2.5 Hours $100/couple $60/single
Instructors: Jane Lehr Eckert and Maureen Paulson


Radiant Circuits are the human energy system of bliss, harmony and wellbeing. Originally called the “strange flows” by the ancient Chinese, these brave and joyful hyperlinks spontaneously jump throughout the human energy system to restore, maintain and coordinate rhythms. These circuits are also responsive to emotional thinking and intuition and are capable of moving the energetic flow to the target of intention.

Have fun as you learn the ten Radiant Circuits. Learn techniques to jump start these “strange flows” and activate your circuits of bliss, optimism and optimal health.

Class Objectives:
Gain knowledge of the history and tradition of the
Chinese “strange flows”
Increase understanding of the Radiant Circuits as an energy system
Demonstrate the ability to identify and locate the six Radiant Circuits
Demonstrate the ability to activate the Radiant Circuits

2 Hours $75
Instructors: Jane Lehr Eckert and Maureen Paulson


Energy tapping also known as energy psychology is the emerging field of alternative psychotherapy and self help that focuses on the subtle energy fields of the human body. The tapping process is a simple mind/body technique that is based on the ancient Chinese art of acupuncture.

Instead of using needles to stimulate change in thinking or feeling, two fingers are tapped on specific meridian points to balance the energy system. This self-administered procedure is easy to learn and apply and often produces rapid results.

Class Objectives:
Increase awareness of the human energy matrix
Improve awareness of the evolution of the energy psychology paradigm
Learn two tapping algorithms

1.5 Hours $50
Instructor: Jane Lehr Eckert


Master the EEM techniques for personal use and have questions answered by our caring and professional staff.

$8/30 Minutes or $15/1 Hour
Instructor: Maureen Paulson

Learn the 9 energy systems from Donna Eden’s energy medicine model. This is a comprehensive overview of EEM topics and a hands-on experience. Enjoy this exciting entre into the world of energy and health.

2 Hours $20
Instructors: Jane Eckert and Maureen Paulson

This hands-on group is for the more seasoned student who has been studying EEM for one or more years. The group will focus on topics from the Cleveland study group with a concentration on “Energy Trackers”.

2 Hours $20
Facilitators: Jane Eckert and Maureen Paulson

The fields of energy medicine and energy psychology are making a profound contribution to our ability to manage our emotions and our potentials. Learn how to work with the body’s energies to shift the physiology and neurology to release unwanted habits, maladaptive emotional response and self-limiting patterns. Explore the many possibilities for integrating these techniques into more traditional therapies.

2 Hours 9-11am
Instructor: Jane Eckert

This study group will watch the video lecture of renowned Anthony A. Goodman M.D. from Montana State University teaching “Understanding the Human Body: An Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology”. He received his B.A. from Harvard College and his Medical Doctorate from Cornell Medical College. He trained as a surgical resident at Michigan Medical Center in Ann Arbor and completed his surgical training and chief residency at the Harvard Surgical Service of Boston City hospital, the New England Deaconess Hospital, the Lahey clinic and Cambridge City Hospital. He has served as a surgeon on the hospital ship for Project HOPE and with the U.S. Army Medical Corps. For two decades he was a general surgeon in South Florida, specializing in the surgical treatment of cancer, and was Clinical Associate Professor of Surgery at the University of Miami School of Medicine. Dr. Goodman is a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons and a Diplomat of the American Board of Surgery.

This DVD course, created by The Teaching Company, offers 32 half hour lectures. Each lecture concentrates on a particular organ or organ system. The lecture examines the physiology of the organ or system and Dr. Goodman discusses the more common clinical problems that occur when something goes wrong, the pathology of the organ or system.

The course canvasses each system: Cardiovascular System, Respiratory System, Nervous System, Digestive System, Endocrine System, Urinary System, Musculoskeletal System, Immune system and The Biology of Cancer.

2 Hours Bi-monthly /3 Lectures and Discussion $15


Open yourself up to this ancient gift of healing. Learn the fundamentals of the Usui Method of Reiki including the sacred philosophy, hand positions and non-touching techniques. Practice being the conduit of Divine energy and learn the basics of the “Reiki Way”. Essential instructions and materials provided for the beginner.

Class Objectives:
Demonstrate hand positions for self healing and healing others
Gain knowledge of the lineage and tradition of Reiki
Understand the “Call to Reiki”
Identify the tenants of the “Reiki Way”
Understand the tradition of the Reiki symbols
Demonstrate the ability to draw the Reiki symbols
Demonstrate ability to perform a Reiki session
Gain awareness of the use of Reiki for healing the Earth
Demonstrate distance healing

Reiki I
9 Hours $250
Instructors: Jane Lehr Eckert, Reiki Master

Reiki II
9 Hours $ 250
Instructors: Jane Lehr Eckert, Reiki Master



“We close our eyes and observe our breath…we listen simply to the moments of silence.” This fundamental act has amazing and far reaching results. Mindfulness-based stress reduction is a practice of learning to pay attention to whatever is happening in our life by observing the habits of the mind. This observance brings an awareness of the patterns of our thoughts. We can then slowly begin to detach from the drama created by the mind. And then, this tiny separation brings the freedom that allows us to discover our own inner wisdom and calm.

Class Objectives:
Increase mind-body awareness
Gain new coping skills to manage stress
Experience the ability to release tension
with a new innovative process
Develop new ways to face change and difficulties in life


• A TWO-HOUR TASTE OF MBSR. Two-hour instruction includes a CD $25

This is the full course designed by Jon Kabat-Zinn at U. Mass Medical Center. Includes 8/2 hour classes, 4 CDs and a retreat. $250

MBSR Instructor: e Team

Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy: A Path to Preventing Relapse in Depression (MBCT)

MBCT is the next generation of mindfulness and state of the art in prevention of relapse in depression. This innovative program is the product of over 10 years of clinical research indicating that many individuals with 3 relapses in major depression can avoid future relapse by learning a simple, straight forward combination of meditation and cognitive skill-building. The basic formula in this course is the utilization of mindful (relaxed and focused) attention as an alternative to rumination and fear-based thought processes.

Research clearly indicates that worrying and over-thinking along with various other negative thought patterns amplify and aggravate feelings of worthlessness, guilt, fear and self-condemnation—the hallmarks of depression. Through instruction and practice the participants will systematically learn skills that will enhance their ability to recognize and cope more effectively with stressful thought patterns and situations as well as other triggers of depression and anxiety. A free orientation precedes each 8 week program. Book with CD and workbook are included.

The MBCT program can help people who:
• Have a diagnosis of depression or dysthymia with one or more relapses
• Have a diagnosis of anxiety or panic disorder
• Are not in an acute phase of treatment
• Are able to concentrate and follow guided instructions and meditation
• Are willing to commit to an 8 week program with a small amount of homework each week
*People experiencing milder symptoms, job or personal stressors or stress-related illnesses also find this program helpful

Class Objectives:
Recognize and disrupt habitual negative thought patterns
Learn to pay attention mindfully and non-judgmentally
Respond rather than react to people, events and thoughts
Make the helpful links between thoughts, emotions, physical sensations and moods
Increase ability to be with uncomfortable feelings without being overwhelmed or running away from them

8 Weeks: $300
Instructors: Jane Eckert
Both instructors received their training with Dr. Zindle Segal, one of the authors of the seminal text.

The Mindful Alternative

While not everyone carries a diagnosis of depression or anxiety, it is common to experience cycles of feeling “blue” or periods of negative thinking that upset the quality of life. This 8 week class follows the design and protocol of Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (see above for description and objectives) which promotes awareness and builds skills to identify and mediate negative moods and thought patterns.

8 Weeks: $300
Instructor: Jane Eckert

The Mindful Athlete

This 8 week program is a unique blend of techniques based on current mindfulness research. It is adapted from the experiential program founded by Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn at the University of Massachusetts, Medical Center. Mindfulness has shown after 30 years of clinical research to have a profound effect on one’s ability to effectively regulate the mind and subsequent emotions and to a significant degree physical health.

Athletes of all levels experience blocks and barriers to peak performance. Mindfulness techniques assist in identifying the thinking patterns and emotions that hinder “being in the moment” and accessing the often elusive “personal best”. Workbook and CD included.

Improve mental fitness to enhance sport performance
Learn and practice breathing techniques to soothe and restore painful joints and muscles
Build skills to dissipate the negative self talk that leads to self defeat
Enhance ability to focus with quieting tools that calm the inner chatter
Experience “in the moment” awareness to access “personal best” performance

8 Weeks: $300
Instructor: Maureen Sloan

Mindfulness Quarterly

While not everyone carries a diagnosis of depression or anxiety, it is common to experience cycles of feeling “blue” or periods of negative thinking that upset the quality of life. This 8 week class follows the design and protocol of Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (see above for description and objectives) which promotes awareness and builds skills to identify and mediate negative moods and thought patterns.

This group is facilitated by MBSR and MBCT instructors to provide support to those who have completed any of the 8 week mindfulness programs. The group format includes a questions and answer time followed by a group meditation.

1.5 Hours: $20

Monthly Mindfulness Meditation

This is a not-to-miss opportunity to meditate monthly with a group. You will experience again the power of group intention. All mindful meditators welcome! FREE



A beginner’s delight! This gentle on-the-mat class will satisfy even the more experienced student who appreciates the power of gentle movement. A meditation is included in each class.

Class Objectives:

Learn and practice yoga breathing
Learn basic yoga postures
Experience all the benefits of yoga with gentle instruction
Meditation experience

1 Hour 15 Minutes Weekly $12 per Session or 5 Classes for $50
Instructor: Donna Horst



The COURSE is a contemporary spiritual book that has guided people to higher consciousness for three decades. It has been highly esteemed by such spiritual teachers as Mary Ann Williamson, Eckhart Tolle and David Hawkins. This channeled work has a unique language, power and beauty and has shown many that “…there is a better way…” to live.

Class Objectives:

Weekly study of the CIM Text, Workbook and Teacher’s Manual

1.5 Hours Weekly $10
Instructor: Vince Lisi

Manifesting for beginners (New Class)

You may not be aware of it but a very powerful force is present in your life. It’s called the “Law of Attraction”. Spiritual teachers and philosophers have known these principles for centuries. Today, a renewed interest in the subject has caused a resurfacing of this ancient concept and seekers of all paths are eager to learn how their intentions create realities. This 4 week class is meant to inform and inspire participants to work with the universal spiritual law to shift the paradigm of their lives and bring about positive change.

Class Objectives:
Gain knowledge of the principles of the Law of Attraction
Learn the techniques that promote co-creative energy
Incorporate the practice of conscious manifesting in daily living
Practice the principles which will facilitate positive conscious manifesting

4 Weeks: 1.5 Hours $200
Instructor: Jane Lehr Eckert

A path of My own (New Class)

“Spirituality is that feature of being human concerned with experiencing, living and expanding the best within us.” James Nourse, Ph. D.

This 4 week class focuses on experiencing the sacred in everyday life and choosing to awaken. Using James Nourse’s book, SIMPLE SPIRITUALITY as a guide, and journal work as a tool to expand awareness, multiple aspects of the path of spirit will be reviewed and discussed. A spiritual plan that expresses individuality and can be integrated into daily living will be encouraged.

Class Objectives:
Learn the elements of a spiritual path
Experience a variety of meditative styles
Design a practice that suits present schedule and lifestyle

4 Weeks: 1.5 Hours: Cost $140
Instructor: Jane Lehr Eckert

AWAKENING 101 (New Class)

The discovery of one’s highest Self is a basic human quest. Yet this calling often becomes buried under the distractions and drama of everyday life. Dormant and unconscious, this call awaits an opportunity to be activated. Pain, fear and tragedy provide the impetus for the call to be realized by presenting a portal for the awakening process.

Join us for this 8 week group which is designed as an affirmative system to facilitate self-discovery, awareness, cognitive-behavioral change and ultimately transformation. Group sessions integrate body-mind-spirit skills, energy techniques and meditative practices to promote awareness and spiritual awakening.

Class Objectives:
Learn the 5 shifts that lead to transformation
Identify the resistances to change
Experience the techniques that nurture the change process
Create a daily practice to foster the change process

4 Weeks: Cost $320
Instructor: Jane Lehr Eckert

Studio e on the Move

As part of our commitment to bring energy education to the community, Studio e offers a variety of energy-based workshops to businesses, schools, libraries and hospitals. We would be happy to work with you to design a program that meets the needs of your organization.

For more information, or to schedule a program for your group, contact Maureen Paulson, manager, Studio e, at 330.808.8558 or click here to email us.